Pardee Hospital Foundation Staff

Photo: Jim Brewer

Jim Brewer, Major Gifts Officer

Jim Brewer started out working in the Marine Corps and then made his way to UNC University system where he was an archaeology professor. He then took on a campaign at one of the universities he was working at and came to love the fundraising world. He now works at the Pardee Hospital Foundation serving as the Major Gifts Officer. Read More

Photo: Karen Yagerhofer

Karen Yagerhofer, Annual Fund Officer

Karen Yagerhofer is one of four who work for the Pardee Hospital Foundation. Her position as the Annual Fund Officer or as she likes to call it Annual “FUN” Officer consists of raising unrestricted funds for the hospital through various avenues including annual appeals to donors, Grateful Patient Programs and the Annual Cornhole Tournament to name a few. Read More

Photo: Tracey McMahan

Tracey McMahan, Office Manager

Tracey McMahan is the Office Manager and Bookkeeper at the Pardee Hospital Foundation. Everyone appreciates Tracey’s tech expertise; they couldn’t do it without her! She is responsible for what happens in the office, she manages the database called Raisers Edge, prepares monthly financial statements, prepares for the annual audit, and works alongside the IT department at the hospital for the computers. Read More

Photo: Nancy Christy

Nancy Christy, Administrative Assistant

Nancy Christy is the Administrative Assistant at the Pardee Hospital Foundation. She didn’t anticipate that she would be working full time after retiring from working for The New York Times for 20 years. When this position was needed, she decided to step in and do double the work. Read More