Photo: Jim Brewer

Jim Brewer, Major Gifts Officer


Jim Brewer started out working in the Marine Corps and then made his way to UNC University system where he was an archaeology professor. He then took on a campaign at one of the universities he was working at and came to love the fundraising world. He now works at the Pardee Hospital Foundation serving as the Major Gifts Officer.

Major gifts are donations to the hospital that are over 5,000 dollars within a year, or 10,000 dollars within three years. When I interviewed Jim and asked him what he does for the foundation, he explained his role as being a “matchmaker.” Overall, he matches a supporter with one of the hospital’s needs. Jim began to tell me about one of the major contributions the foundation has helped make to the hospital, the portable Intra Aortic Balloon Pump. This pump was able to help save a life after a man had just had a heart attack and needed transportation to Mission Hospital.

Jim also took 1,000 people on tours of the Cancer Center that was recently built. When it comes to the events the Foundation puts on, he sees these events not as fundraisers, but as “friend-raisers.” These events are a way to allow these donors to feel connected to the hospital and to see what they have contributed to. When I asked Jim what the world philanthropy means to him, he said that it’s what drives us to make a difference in the world; it is making the world a better community than it was before. His favorite thing about Hendersonville is the sense of place and belonging that you don’t see in a city like Charlotte or Asheville. Jim believes Pardee is able to stand out from other hospitals due to the fact that the faculty is a team, they are team members, not employees. It is hospital that the community deserves and needs.