Photo: Nancy Christy

Nancy Christy, Administrative Assistant


Nancy Christy is the Administrative Assistant at the Pardee Hospital Foundation. She didn’t anticipate that she would be working full time after retiring from working for The New York Times for 20 years. When this position was needed, she decided to step in and do double the work.

When you walk into the Pardee Foundation Nancy is the smiling face you see to greet you, but she does far beyond that. Every time any type of gift is given to the Foundation, she records it and sends letters to the donors. She also creates the e-newsletters for the Foundation and does whatever her team needs to support them. Nancy has a strong background of fundraising and believes it does two things; it raises money for the foundation, but also good comes out of it as wells recognition.

Secondly, it is an opportunity to educate a large group of people about the difference you are making. When it comes to events the Foundation puts on, Nancy creates seating charts, name tags, keeps track of the guests coming, and processes all of the payments and sponsors.

When I asked Nancy what the word philanthropy means to her, she said, “it is sharing your blessings and riches with those who are not as fortunate as you are.”

Her favorite thing about Hendersonville is that she gets to live in a safe and quiet place that has many cultural opportunities that she can do with her best friend of 34 years. She believes the reason Pardee Hospital stands out is because it is a community hospital. She used the analogy of it being like going to a private school vs. a public university; Pardee gives individual attention to its patients and community.