Photo: Tracey McMahan

Tracey McMahan, Office Manager


Tracey McMahan is the Office Manager and Bookkeeper at the Pardee Hospital Foundation. Everyone appreciates Tracey’s tech expertise; they couldn’t do it without her! She is responsible for what happens in the office, she manages the database called Raisers Edge, prepares monthly financial statements, prepares for the annual audit, and works alongside the IT department at the hospital for the computers.

Tracey hasn’t always been involved in the fundraising world; she began as an elementary school teacher, teaching first and second grades in Florida. She then worked in Albuquerque as the office manager at a Pediatric Hospice. This is where she began to gain interest in the nonprofit world. When the Foundation puts on an event, she is in touch with all the money. Tracey believes the events are a lot of hard work but in the end it is worth it because of the community’s excitement.

When I asked her what the word philanthropy means to her, she said, “it is concerned people working together to support non profits giving of their time, talents, and money to touch a lot of people’s lives through those organizations seeking to help the community and the world be a better place.”

Her favorite thing about Hendersonville is the big-hearted people that are in the community and the variety of cultural opportunities. Lastly, she believes Pardee Hospital stands out from other hospitals because it is a community hospital. Pardee opens its doors to everyone regardless of their financial ability; it is strictly based on the community’s needs.