Keeping our community healthy drives everything we do for Pardee Hospital. We are proud of Pardee’s exceptional track record of providing high-quality health care to the region, and the Foundation exists to ensure it stays that way. Hospitals and people have something in common: staying healthy takes work. Pardee Hospital is committed to delivering the very best, advanced care to everyone who comes through its doors.

The Foundation is constantly working to  help raise funding for the Hospital to improve the delivery of cancer treatment, surgical care, and the sustainability of important services and programs at the hospital. We can’t do it without help from you, our community.

Your valued support in this campaign will enable patients – your family members, neighbors, and loved ones – in our region to receive the highest level in care and treatment. Your heartfelt contributions will foster limitless opportunity for researchers, students, and university-wide medical programs. We are thrilled to be a partner with you in bringing this dream to a reality.