How Often…

have you been at a store checkout counter, and been asked to donate your change to an organization you know very little about?

Did You Know… 

that last year, 77 organizations each raised more than $1 million in checkout counter donations alone?

Well, we are excited to announce Pardee Foundation is now able to raise funds at the checkout through our new partnership with CaringCent!  CaringCent enables us to offer roundup donations as part of our regular fundraising program.

Here’s How it Works

Donors can securely register a credit or debit card, and then designate Pardee Foundation to receive the change calculated from purchases—for example, you pay $37.42 for dinner, the charge gets rounded up to $38.00, and you donate the difference of 58 cents.

Whenever you pay with the credit or debit card you registered to round off, purchases made on that card will be rounded up, and that change will go to support Pardee Foundation!

caring cent


To learn more about CaringCent click here.